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Family Office
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The main business of a family office is divided into the following six areas:

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation involves dividing assets into different categories, such as stocks, bonds, and cash. Reduce risk through portfolio diversification.

Will help you establish your financial goals, which may be a comfortable retirement, a child's education fund, or business expansion. Personal needs are also considered, and investment strategies are formulated according to specific investment goals and risk tolerance. At the same time, it also works closely with a number of private banks to provide comprehensive wealth management plans.


Alternative Investments

Blockchain technology is becoming more and more popular in today's society, and cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and other derivative products are springing up. With professional knowledge, we can combine traditional ideas with innovative technology to discover the huge potential of the innovative technology industry together.


Immigration and Education Planning

Immigration and Education PlanningIncluding investment immigration, skilled immigration, freelance workers, family reunion and tourist visas.


Tax Advisory and Estate Planning

Provide estate planning, property distribution and estate tax advice through taxation, legal advisors and accounting firms.


Family Trust

A family trust can protect the long-term interests of you and your family through a legally binding agreement. Not only can you obtain tax benefits through the family trust, but you can also avoid future disputes. However, the correct establishment of the trust structure can guarantee the normal performance of the trust and achieve the original intention of the original establishment.


Risk Management

- personal insurance

-Small and Medium Business Insurance

-Directors, officers and trustees insurance

- Professional liability insurance

-Third party liability, fire and theft insurance


Through investment management, tailor-made suitable investment methods according to needs, and invest according to different risk levels. Can quickly respond to potential market risks and grasp the best investment opportunities.Identify, assess and contain potential threats to business and revenue. Can advise on issues such as market uncertainties, legal liability and technology.

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