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Hong Kong Tax

As Royal Talent Group, we have a number of tax-related experienced, proficient in tax policy between Hong Kong and the mainland tax professionals, can provide customers with the foundation of tax declaration and tax matters between Hong Kong and maintenance services, and can help customers ahead of time and other tax related value-added services, tax planning for the enterprise reasonable saving tax cost, reduce the tax related legal risk, to maximize to protect shareholders have rights and interests.

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The Domestic Tax

Tax payers in China are divided into resident taxpayers and non-resident taxpayers. Resident taxpayers are required to file tax returns on income worldwide, while non-resident taxpayers only file tax returns on income originating in China.Due to the variety and complexity of tax laws in China, it is difficult for non-professionals to accurately and reasonably file tax returns. If not handled properly, a fine may be imposed, or the criminal law may be violated, leading to imprisonment.

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Tax Planning

Royal Talent Group will provide professional tax planning, tax declaration and other tax matters for you and your business to have a stable foundation and business planning for the future. We have been professionally helping over 700 companies in Hong Kong and China.

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