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What is Greater Bay Area?

Future of Asia and the world

The Greater Bay Area (GBA) is an integrated economic and business hub located in southern China, comprising of 9 cities within Guangdong Province, together with the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions. The GBA has a combined population of over 70 million people, making it one of the world's largest metropolitan areas and a significant driver of China's economic growth. It offers an attractive opportunity for businesses to expand their operations and tap into a massive market, with its advanced infrastructure, talented workforce, and strategic location providing many advantages. Additionally, the integration of the three regions brings together different cultures and perspectives, providing opportunities for mutual learning and development. The GBA is set to continue to play a vital role in China's economic growth and is a valuable destination for businesses and investors looking to enter the Chinese market.

Why Greater Bay Area?

The GBA has advanced infrastructure, including international airports, seaports, high-speed railways, and highways, making it easy to transport goods and conduct business. Additionally, the GBA's location provides strategic access to other important markets in Asia, such as Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. Furthermore, the GBA is known for its talented workforce, particularly in the areas of technology and innovation, providing excellent opportunities for businesses looking to expand into new markets. Overall, the GBA is an attractive destination for investors and businesses looking to tap into a massive market and benefit from the region's dynamic economic growth. There has been a surge of interest from the Turkish companies towards the GBA, and we aim to help and support you and your company for the future of Asia.
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